Respiration, the official journal of the EABIP, brings together the results of both clinical and experimental investigations on all aspects of the respiratory system in health and disease. Clinical improvements in the diagnosis and treatment of chest and lung diseases are covered, as are the latest findings in physiology, biochemistry, pathology, immunology and pharmacology.

The journal includes classic features such as editorials that accompany original articles in clinical and basic science research, case reports and letters to the editor. Some of the recently included sections are: rapid communi cations, technical notes, ‘the eye catcher’, ‘what’s your diagnosis’, ‘the opinion corner’ and discussions of clinico-pathological conferences. This modern mix of different features and a stringent peer-review process by a dedicated editorial board make ‘Respiration’ a complete guide to progress in thoracic medicine.



Advances in Optical Coherence Tomography and Confocal Laser Endomicroscopy in Pulmonary Diseases

Annika Goorsenberg, Kirsten A. Kalverda, Jouke Annema, Peter Bonta

Respiration 2020;99:190–205


Accuracy of a Robotic Endoscopic System in Cadaver Models with Simulated Tumor Targets: ACCESS Study

Alexander C. Chen, Nicholas J. Pastis, Michael S. Machuzak, Thomas R. Gildea, Michael J. Simoff, Colin T. Gillespie, Amit K. Mahajan, Scott S. Oh, Gerard A. Silvestri

Respiration 2020;99:56–61


Navigation Bronchoscopy

Samuel Victor Kemp

Respiration 2020;99:277–286


Clinical Use and Barriers of Thoracic Ultrasound: A Survey of Italian Pulmonologists

Alessandro Zanforlin, Francesco Tursi, Giampietro Marchetti, Giulia Michela Pellegrino, Beatrice Vigo, Andrea Smargiassi, Riccardo Inchingolo, Stefano Centanni, Stefano Gasparini, Francesco Blasi, Gino Soldati, Giuseppe Francesco Sferrazza Papa, AdET Study Group

Respiration 2020;99:171–176



Adoption Patterns of Bronchoscopic Lung Volume Reduction Procedures in Germany and Predicted Procedure Volumes for Other European Countries

Jan B. Pietzsch, Rachele Busca, Christina Rott, Benjamin P. Geisler, Simon A. Weber, Dirk-Jan Slebos, Gaëtan Deslee, Felix J.F. Herth

Respiration 2019;97:34–41


Lung Biopsy in Interstitial Lung Diseases: There Is More than One Way to Cook an Egg

Mouhamad Nasser, Vincent Cottin

Respiration 2018;96:403–405


Bronchial Thermoplasty-Induced Acute Airway Effects Assessed with Optical Coherence Tomography in Severe Asthma

Annika W.M. Goorsenberg, Julia N.S. d’Hooghe, Daniel M. de Bruin, Inge A.H. van den Berk, Jouke T. Annema, Peter I. Bonta

Respiration 2018;96:564–570


Endoscopic Valve Removal >180 Days since Implantation in Patients with Severe Emphysema

Daniela Gompelmann, Vasiliki Gerovasili, Konstantina Kontogianni, Maren Schuhmann, Ralf Eberhardt, Felix J.F. Herth, Markus Polke

Respiration 2018;96:348–354


A Randomized Clinical Trial of Flex 19G Needles versus 22G Needles for Endobronchial Ultrasonography in Suspected Lung Cancer

Christophe Dooms, Sara Vander Borght, Jonas Yserbyt, Dries Testelmans, Els Wauters, Kristiaan Nackaerts, Johan Vansteenkiste, Eric Verbeken, Birgit Weynand

Respiration 2018;96:275–282


Creation of a Balloon-Expandable Bifurcated Covered Stent to Treat a Complex Left Anastomotic Stricture in a Lung Transplant Recipient

Ryan Kern, Kenneth Sakata, Steve G. Peters, David Midthun, John Mullon, Eric Edell

Respiration 2018;96:144–147


Endobronchial Coils for Endoscopic Lung Volume Reduction: Best Practice Recommendations from an Expert Panel

Dirk-Jan Slebos, Nick H. ten Hacken, Martin Hetzel, Felix J.F. Herth, Pallav L. Shah

Respiration 2018;96:1–11


Experience with Transcordal Silicone Stents in Adult Laryngotracheal Stenosis: A Bicentric Retrospective Study

Valerian Bourinet, Thibaut Raguin, Marc Fortin, Elsa Chetrit, Julien Guinde, Sophie Laroumagne, Nicolas Fakhry, Philippe Astoul, Christian Debry, Hervé Dutau



Progress in Interventional Pulmonology

Pallav L. Shah, Felix J.F. Herth

Respiration 2018;95:287–288


Endobronchial Treatment for Bronchial Carcinoid: Patient Selection and Predictors of Outcome

Ellen M.B.P. Reuling, Chris Dickhoff, Peter W. Plaisier, Veerle M.H. Coupé, Albert H.A. Mazairac, Rutger J. Lely, H. Jaap Bonjer, Johannes M.A. Daniels

Respiration 2018;95:220–227


Transbronchial Cryobiopsies for the Diagnosis of Diffuse Parenchymal Lung Diseases: Expert Statement from the Cryobiopsy Working Group on Safety and Utility and a Call for Standardization of the Procedure

Jürgen Hetzel, Fabien Maldonado, Claudia Ravaglia, Athol U. Wells, Thomas V. Colby, Sara Tomassetti, Jay H. Ryu, Oren Fruchter, Sara Piciucchi, Alessandra Dubini, Alberto Cavazza, Marco Chilosi, Nicola Sverzellati, Dominique Valeyre, Dimitri Leduc, Simon L.F. Walsh, Stefano Gasparini, Martin Hetzel, Lars Hagmeyer, Maik Haentschel, Ralf Eberhardt, Kaid Darwiche, Lonny B. Yarmus, Alfonso Torrego, Ganesh Krishna, Pallav L. Shah, Jouke T. Annema, Felix J.F. Herth, Venerino Poletti

Respiration 2018;95:188–200


Assessment of Bronchial Obstruction Using Lateral Pressure Measurement during Bronchoscopy

Hiroki Nishine Takehiko Hiramoto Takeo Inoue Naoki Furuya Hirotaka Kida Hiroshi Handa Seiichi Nobuyama Masamichi Mineshita Teruomi Miyazawa

Respiration 2018;95:106–113


Current Practice of Airway Stenting in the Adult Population in Europe: A Survey of the European Association of Bronchology and Interventional Pulmonology (EABIP)

Hervé Dutau, David Breen, Antonio Bugalho, Levent Dalar, Johannes Daniels, Christophe Dooms, Ralf Eberhardt, Lars Ek, Milena Encheva, Michel Febvre, Martin Hackl, Sirje Marran, Zsolt Papai-Szekely, Michael Perch, Mihovil Roglic, Antoni Rosell, Ales Rozman, Pallav L. Shah, Marioara Simon, Artur Szlubowski, Grigoris Stratakos, Arve Sundset, Toomas Uibu, Christophe Von Garnier, Bojan Zaric, Marija Zdraveska, Lina Zuccatosta, Darijo Bokan, Syed Arshad Husain, Semra Bilaceroglu, Paola Gasche-Soccal, Stefano Gasparini, Felix J.F. Herth, Muhammed Munavvar

Respiration 2018;95:44–54



Navigation Bronchoscopy-Guided Radiofrequency Ablation for Nonsurgical Peripheral Pulmonary Tumors

Xie F. · Zheng X. · Xiao B. · Han B. · Herth F.J.F. · Sun J.

Respiration 2017;94:293-298


Utility of Transbronchial Lung Cryobiopsy in Non-Interstitial Diseases

Sánchez-Cabral O. · Martínez-Mendoza D. · Fernandez-Bussy S. · López-González B. · Perea-Talamantes C. · Rivera-Rosales R.M. · Luna-Rivero C. · Martínez-Orozco J.A. · Flores-Suárez L.F. · Santillán-Doherty P. · Reyes-Terán G.

Respiration 2017;94:285-292


Endobronchial Ultrasound-Guided Transbronchial Needle Aspiration for Staging of Patients with Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer without Mediastinal Involvement at Positron Emission Tomography-Computed Tomography

Naur T.M.H. · Konge L. · Clementsen P.F.

Respiration 2017;94:279-284



Guideline for the Acquisition and Preparation of Conventional and Endobronchial Ultrasound-Guided Transbronchial Needle Aspiration Specimens for the Diagnosis and Molecular Testing of Patients with Known or Suspected Lung Cancer

van der Heijden E.H.F.M.a · Casal R.F.b · Trisolini R.c · Steinfort D.P.d · Hwangbo B.e · Nakajima T.f ·Guldhammer-Skov B.g · Rossi G.h · Ferretti M.i · Herth F.F.J.j · Yung R.k · Krasnik M.l · on behalf of the International World Association for Bronchology and Interventional Pulmonology Task Force on Specimen Guidelines

Respiration, (DOI:10.1159/000368857)


Prospective Randomized Trial of Bispectral Index Monitoring of Sedation Depth during Flexible Bronchoscopy

Fruchter O. • Tirosh M. • Carmi U. • Rosengarten D. • Kramer M.R.

Respiration 2014;87:388-393


Complication Rate of Endosonography (Endobronchial and Endoscopic Ultrasound): A Systematic Review

Bartheld M.B. • van Breda A. • Annema J.T.

Respiration 2014;87:343-351


The Diagnostic Value of Transthoracic Ultrasonographic Features in Predicting Malignancy in Undiagnosed Pleural Effusions: A Prospective Observational Study

Bugalho A. • Ferreira D. • Dias S.S. • Schuhmann M. • Branco J.C. • Marques Gomes M.J. • Eberhardt R.

Respiration 2014;87:270-278


Diagnostic Yield and Safety of Electromagnetic Navigation Bronchoscopy for Lung Nodules: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Gex G. • Pralong J.A. • Combescure C. • Seijo L. • Rochat T. • Soccal P.M.

Respiration 2014;87:165-176


Endobronchial Valves in the Management of Recurrent Haemoptysis

Coenraad F.N. Koegelenberg Johannes W. Bruwer Chris T. Bolliger

Respiration 2014;87:84–88


Efficacy of Bronchoscopic Closure of a Bronchopleural Fistula with Amplatzer Devices: Long-Term Follow-Up

Fruchter O. · El Raouf B.A. · Abdel-Rahman N. · Saute M. · Bruckheimer E. · Kramer M.R.

Respiration 2014;87:227-233 (DOI:10.1159/000357074)


Preparation of Cell Blocks for Lung Cancer Diagnosis and Prediction: Protocol and Experience of a High-Volume Center

Kossakowski C.A. · Morresi-Hauf A. · Schnabel P.A. · Eberhardt R. · Herth F.J.F. · Warth A.

Respiration 2014;87:432-438 (DOI:10.1159/000357068)


Diagnostic Yield and Safety of Electromagnetic Navigation Bronchoscopy for Lung Nodules: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Gex G. · Pralong J.A. · Combescure C. · Seijo L. · Rochat T. · Soccal P.M.

Respiration 2014;87:165-176 (DOI:10.1159/000355710)


Endobronchial Valves in the Management of Recurrent Haemoptysis

Coenraad F.N. Koegelenberg, Johannes W. Bruwer, Chris T. Bolliger

Respiration 2014;87:84–88


Complete Resolution of Cerebral Air Embolism Secondary to a Transbronchial Needle Aspiration

S. Perinel Ragey, P. Garnier, J.-M. Vergnon

Respiration 2013;86:504–507


Effects of Bronchodilators on Regional Lung Sound Distribution in Patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Masamichi Mineshita, Shin Matsuoka, Teruomi Miyazawa

Respiration 2014;87:45–53



Evaluation of a Novel Endobronchial Ultrasound-Guided Lymph Node Forceps in Enlarged Mediastinal Lymph Nodes

Kaid Darwiche, Lutz Freitag, Arun Nair, Christiane Neumann, Ruediger Karpf-Wissel, Stefan Welter, Jeremias Wohlschlaeger, Dirk Theegarten

Respiration 2013;86:229–236


Evidence-Based Review of the Management of Hepatic Hydrothorax

Amita Singh, Abubakr Bajwa, Adil Shujaat

Respiration 2013;86:155–173


Trainee Impact on Procedural Complications: An Analysis of 967 Consecutive Flexible Bronchoscopy Procedures in an Interventional Pulmonology Practice

David R. Stather, Paul MacEachern, Alex Chee, Elaine Dumoulin, Alain Tremblay

Respiration 2013;85:422–428


Rapid On-Site Evaluation Improves Needle Aspiration Sensitivity in the Diagnosis of Central Lung
Cancers: A Randomized Trial

Michele Mondoni, Paolo Carlucci, Fabiano Di Marco, Stefania Rossi, Pierachille Santus, Alice D’Adda, Giuseppe Francesco Sferrazza Papa, Gaetano Bulfamante, Stefano Centanni

Respiration 2013;86:52–58


Tunneled Pleural Catheters in the Management of Chylothorax from Central Venous Catheter-Related Superior Vena Cava Obstruction

Vanessa Luks; Ahmed Aljohaney; Kayvan Amjadi

Respiration 2013;86:67–71


Subpleural versus Deep Lung Biopsies Obtained during Pleuroscopy for Histological Examination: An Experimental Animal Study

Raef H. Emam; Marios E. Froudarakis; Ahmed I. Refaat; Maha Akl; Fabien Maldonado; Philippe Astoul

Respiration 2012;84:423–428


Simultaneous Computed Tomography-Guided Biopsy and Radiofrequency Ablation of Solitary Pulmonary Malignancy in High-Risk Patients

T. Schneider; M. Puderbach; J. Kunz; A. Bischof; F.L. Giesel; H. Dienemann; F.J.F. Herth; P.A. Schnabel; S. Safi; H. Hoffmann; C.P. Heussel

Respiration 2012;84:501–508


Is Medical Thoracoscopy Efficient in the Management of Multiloculated and Organized Thoracic Empyema?

Claudia Ravaglia; Carlo Gurioli; Sara Tomassetti; Gian Luca Casoni; Micaela Romagnoli; Christian Gurioli;Vanni Agnoletti; Venerino Poletti

Respiration 2012;84:219–224


The Role of Conventional Bronchoscopy in the Workup of Suspicious CT Scan Screen-Detected Pulmonary Nodules

Susan C. van ’t Westeinde, MD; Nanda Horeweg, MD; René M. Vernhout, MD; Harry J. M. Groen, MD, PhD; Jan-Willem J. Lammers, MD, PhD; Carla Weenink, MD; Kristiaan Nackaerts, MD, PhD; Matthijs Oudkerk, MD, PhD; Willem Mali, MD, PhD; Frederik B. Thunnissen, MD, PhD; Harry J. de Koning, MD, PhD; Rob J. van Klaveren, MD, PhD

Chest. 2012; 142(2):377-384. doi:10.1378/chest.11-2030


Randomized Clinical Trial of Endobronchial Ultrasound Needle Biopsy With and Without Aspiration

Roberto F. Casal, Gregg A. Staerkel, David Ost, Francisco A. Almeida, Mateen H. Uzbeck, George A. Eapen, Carlos A. Jimenez, Graciela M. Nogueras-Gonzalez, Mona Sarkiss, Rodolfo C. Morice

CHEST. 2012;142(3):568-573.


Bilateral Endoscopic Sealant Lung Volume Reduction Therapy for Advanced Emphysema

Mordechai R. Kramer, Yael Refaely, Nimrod Maimon, Dror Rosengarten, Oren Fruchter

CHEST. 2012;142(5):1111-1117


Latest Advances in Advanced Diagnostic and Therapeutic Pulmonary Procedures

Gerard A. Silvestri, MD, FCCP; David Feller-Kopman, MD, FCCP; Alexander Chen, MD; Momen Wahidi, MD, FCCP; Kazuhiro Yasufuku, MD, PhD, FCCP; Armin Ernst, MD, MHCM, FCCP

CHEST. 2012;142(6):1636-1644



Comparison of Transbronchial Lung Biopsy Yield between Standard Forceps and Electrocautery Hot Forceps in Swine

Momen M. Wahidi, Scott L. Shofer, Thomas A. Sporn, Armin Ernst

Respiration 2010;79:137–140


Comparison of Suction Catheter versus Forceps Biopsy for Sampling of Solitary Pulmonary Nodules Guided by Electromagnetic Navigational Bronchoscopy

Ralf Eberhardt, Ross K. Morgan, Armin Ernst, Thomas Beyer, Felix J.F. Herth

Respiration 2010;79:54–60


Endobronchial Metastases from Colorectal Cancers: Natural History and Role of Interventional Bronchoscopy

Cécile Fournel, Laurent Bertoletti, Bich Nguyen, Jean-Michel Vergnon

Respiration 2009;77:63–69


Prospective Controlled Animal Study on Biopsy Sampling with New Flexible Cryoprobes versus Forceps: Evaluation of Biopsy Size, Histological Quality and Bleeding Risk

Karl-Josef Franke, Dirk Theegarten, Claus Hann von Weyhern, Georg Nilius, Christiane Brueckner, Jürgen Hetzel, Martin Hetzel, Karl-Heinz Ruhle, Markus D. Enderle, Mara N.I. Szyrach

Respiration 2012;84:250–263


Bronchoscopic Treatment of Emphysema: State of the Art

Stefano Gasparini, Lina Zuccatosta, Martina Bonifazi, Chris T. Bolliger

Respiration 2012;84:250–263


Rapid Pleurodesis for Malignant Pleural Effusions – A Pilot Study

Chakravarthy Reddy, Armin Ernst, Carla Lamb, David Feller-Kopman

CHEST 2011; 139(6):1419–1423


A Prospective Multicenter Study of Competency Metrics and Educational Interventions in the Learning of Bronchoscopy Among New Pulmonary Fellows

Momen M. Wahidi, Gerard A. Silvestri, Raymond D. Coakley, J. Scott Ferguson, R. Wesley Shepherd, Leonard Moses, John Conforti, Loretta G. Que, Kevin J. Anstrom, Franklin McGuire, Henri Colt, Gordon H. Downie.

Chest May 2010 137:5 1040-1049


Staging of Potentially Operable Lung Cancer

Bin Hwangbo, MD, PhD; Geon-Kook Lee, MD, PhD; Hee Seok Lee, MD; Kun-Young Lim, MD; Soo-Hyun Lee , MD; Hyae-Young Kim , MD , PhD; Hyun Sung Lee , MD , PhD; Moon Soo Kim , MD; Jong Mog Lee , MD; Byung-Ho Nam, PhD; and Jae Ill Zo , MD , PhD.

CHEST 2010; 138(4):795–802


Accuracy and Feasibility of Electromagnetic Navigated Bronchoscopy under Nitrous Oxide Sedation for Pulmonary Peripheral Opacities: An Outpatient Study

Laurent Bertoletti a, e Aurélie Robert b Michèle Cottier c, Marie Laure Chambonniere d Jean-Michel Vergnon a, e

Respiration 2009;78:293–300
DOI: 10.1159/000226128


Mediastinal Lymph Node Staging in Potentially Resectable Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer: A Prospective Comparison of CT and EUS/EUS-FNA

Ichiro Yasuda, Tatsuo Kato, Fumihiro Asano, Kenichi Okubo, Salem Omar, Nobuo Kako, Shigeo Yasuda, Kimiyasu Sano, Nib Soehendra, Hisataka Moriwaki

Respiration 2009;78:423–431
DOI: 10.1159/000235544


Tracheobronchomalacia and excessive dynamic airway collapse

Septimiu D. MURGU AND Henri G. COLT; Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, Department of Medicine, University of California School of Medicine, Irvine, CA, USA

Respirology (2006) 11, 388–406


Infections Related to Airway Stenting: Systematic Review

Michalis Agrafiotis a Ilias I. Siempos a Matthew E. Falagas a–c
a Alfa Institute of Biomedical Sciences (AIBS) and b Department of Medicine, Henry Dunant Hospital, Athens, Greece; c Department of Medicine, Tufts University School of Medicine, Boston, Mass. , USA

Respiration 2009;78:69–74



Predicting Atelectasis by Assessment of Collateral Ventilation prior to Endobronchial Lung Volume Reduction: A Feasibility Study

D. Gompelmann (a) R. Eberhardt (b) G. Michaud (b) A. Ernst b F.J.F. Herth (a)
(a) Pneumology and Critical Care Medicine, Thoraxklinik at the University of Heidelberg, Heidelberg , Germany; (b) Interventional Pulmonology, Beth Israel Deaconess, Harvard Medical School, Boston, Mass. , USA

Respiration 2010;80:419–425


Changing patterns in interventional bronchoscopy

Nikolaos Zias, Alexandra Chroneou, Anne V. Gonzalez, Anthony W. Gray, Carla R. Lamb, David R. Riker and John F. Beamis Jr; Department of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, Lahey Clinic Medical Center, Tufts University School of Medicine, Burlington, Massachusetts, USA

Respirology (2009) 14, 595–600


A Prospective Study of Conventional Transbronchial Needle Aspiration: Performance and Cost Utility

A.R.L. Medford, S. Agrawal, C.M. Free, J.A. Bennett; Department of Respiratory Medicine, Glenfield Hospital, University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust, Leicester, UK

Respiration 2010;79:482–489


Respiratory Muscle Strength and Lung Function in Patients Undergoing Medical Thoracoscopy

Marios E. Froudarakis, Athanasia Pataka Demosthenes, Makris George Kouliatsis, Stavros Anevlavis, Ioannis Sotiriou, Paschalis Steiropoulos. Savas Eleftheriadis, Demosthenes Bouros

Respiration 2010;80:220–227


Transbronchial Cryobiopsy: A New Tool for Lung Biopsies

Alexander Babiak, Jürgen Hetzel, Ganesh Krishna, Peter Fritz, Peter Moeller, Tahsin Balli, Martin Hetzel

Respiration 2009;78:203–208


Management of Postintubation Tracheal Stenosis: Appropriate Indications Make Outcome Differences

Antoine E. Melkane, Nayla E. Matar, Amine C. Haddad, Michel N. Nassar, Homère G. Almoutran, Ziad Rohayem, Mohammad Daher, Georges Chalouhy, George Dabar

Respiration 2010;79:395–401


Massive Hemoptysis: An Update on the Role of Bronchoscopy in Diagnosis and Management

L. Sakr H. Dutau

Interventional Pulmonology Respiration 2010;80:38–58


Bronchoscopic Application of Mitomycin-C as Adjuvant Treatment for Benign Airway Stenosis

Jose Rojas-Solano, MD, and Heinrich D. Becker, MD

J Bronchol Intervent Pulmonol, Volume 18, Number 1, January 2011


A Retrospective Review of Different Methods of Endobronchial Ultrasound-guided Transbronchial Neelde Aspiration – A Preliminary Study

Ko-Pen Wang, MD, J. Francis Turner and James Symanowski, PhD

J Bronchol Intervent Pulmonol Volume 18, Number 1, January 2011


Emerging technology for the thorax: Indications, management and complications

Lonny Yarmus, Armin Ernst and David Feller-Kopman

Respirology (2010) 15, 208-219


Development and organization of an interventional pulmonary department

Colt, Henry G.

Respirology (2010) 15, 887-894


Management of complications from diagnostic and interventional bronchoscopy

Pyng Lee, Atul c. Mehta and Praveen N. Mathur

resp_1617 940..952



Fiberoptic Bronchsocopy during Nasal Non-Invasive Ventilation in Acute Respiratory Failure

E. Chiner, J.N. Sancho-Chust, M. Llombart, C. Senent , A. Camarasa, J. Signes-Costa

Respiration 2010;80:321–326


A Multicenter Pilot Study of a Bronchial Valve for the Treatment of Severe Emphysema

D.H. Sterman, A.C. Mehta, D.E. Wood, P.N. Mathur, R.J. McKenna, Jr., D.E. Ost, J.D. Truwit, P. Diaz, M.M. Wahidi, R. Cerfolio, R. Maxfield, A.I. Musani, T. Gildea, F. Sheski, M. Machuzak, A.R. Haas, H.X. Gonzalez, S.C. Springmeyer

Respiration 2010;79:222–233