Dear Friends
Greetings from Preston, UK!

I hope this finds all of you well and in the best of spirits, as we gradually recover from the prolonged effects of the pandemic and re-energise our activities at EABIP.

Please may I seek your very kind attention, as I have a number of extremely important announcements to share with you.

1 – Gratitude to the executive committee members demitting office

  • This month we would like to express our sincerest thanks to three of our executive committee members who will be stepping down from their positions, after years of tireless service to EABIP.
  • Semra Bilaceroglu has been the ‘Doyen’ of EABIP for nearly 2 decades, playing several key roles, including Secretary, President-Elect, President and Past President. In each of these positions she worked incredibly hard and led the way for the expansion of EABIP activities effectively and progressively.
  • Also stepping down are Marioara Simon and Lorenzo Corbetta who have been an enormous help in the executive committee, whilst holding pivotal positions as ‘Director of Membership and Education’ and ‘Website and Scientific Director’ respectively.

2 – Vacant positions and announcement of elections

The following positions are vacant, and we write to invite you to apply for these exciting roles as soon as possible, if you have experience in the field of IP/ education/ training/ management/ executive committees, and will be able to commit the time needed to function in these positions proactively

  • The Director of Finance and Industry Relations oversees all accounts/ financial matters and also collaborates closely with industry partners, in the pharmaceutical and device field.
  • The Director of Membership (and education) liaises with all the members, ensuring that payments and membership matters are kept uptodate. He/ She will contact and remind people who have not renewed their membership, and present a summary of membership related matters at every AGM. He/ she will work in close collaboration with the Manager of EABIP. In addition, they will work to enhance educational activities, such as courses and workshops organised or endorsed by EABIP.
  • The Director of Website and Scientific Affairs collaborates very closely with the website company and manager, to ensure smooth functioning of the website and constantly enhance the contents of the website, with material related to education, courses and research. He/She works with the executive committee, BOND delegates and wider membership to constantly refresh and enhance the contents of the website, besides stimulating research activities with our partners.

3 – Who can apply? How to apply?

  • Active members who have been associated with EABIP for at least 12 months are eligible to apply
  • If you wish to apply, please can you forward a one page application, including the following details:
    • Full name
    • Contact details- email and phone
    • Qualifications
    • Photograph
    • Experience in IP- clinical and academic
    • Experience in specialist society, executive committee, management
    • Which of the three vacant posts would you like to apply for?
    • Your aims/ aspirations if elected to the post
    • Signed declaration, as follows- ‘I hereby confirm that I have the time in my schedule to carry out the duties and responsibilities of being ………….. of EABIP.’
  • Please forward your application as soon as possible, via email, and latest by 5pm on Friday, 20th May 2022
  • If you would like to discuss details of the posts further, please feel free to get in touch with Prof G Stratakos ( or myself ( .Finally, I would like you to join me in welcoming to post our new President Grigoris Stratakos. As you know, he has already been chiefly instrumental in organising a most outstanding European Congress at Athens in admirable fashion, and will no doubt take EABIP from strength to strength. So we do have exciting times ahead, in the world of EABIP!!!

    Many thanks once again for all your kind support, interaction and help over the years

    With warm regards and very best wishes to all of you
    Mohammed Munavvar
    Immediate Past President, EABIP